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What am I thinking?!?! My goal setting for 2018

Last year I made it my goal to finish a series of triathlons...and I did. It was physically and mentally exhausting (disclaimer: We gutted our house down to the studs on May 26th and continued to live in of those seemed like a good idea at the time things). But as exhausting as it was it was also amazing! For the first time since the twins were born I put a s*%t-ton of energy into myself and my whole family changed for the better because of it. My children even did their first triathlon that summer; hubby even got on board with his own running schedule.

This year's goal: half marathon, around the bay, three triathlons, and finish the season with a full marathon. Ambition that borders stupidity for me but that's how I roll. I was going to have this blog post about goal setting be structured in a boring bullet point "this is how to set goals" format. It seemed....boring. So instead I thought I'd break down my own goals and hopefully inspire you to do the same.

SPECIFIC: I'm pretty sure my goal is pretty specific. Chilly Half, Around the Bay, Rose City, Toronto Island, Wasaga Beach, Toronto Marathon...oh, and don't die. Swim, Bike, Run...and then run farther.

MEASURABLE: For me this centers a lot around my training schedule and log/journal. I will post my schedule as soon as its electronic- I'm more of a pencil and paper kind of girl. But I do feel strongly about setting up a schedule for your training when you're trying to reach a goal. There is something about how accountable I feel when I have a written out schedule.

ATTAINABLE: I'm not shooting for Olympic status I just want to compete in all the events I have set out for myself. ( I do have a little side goal of making the last tri an Olympic distance race but I digress). My first year in triathlons, I raced Wasage. That's it. Just Wasaga. I felt AWESOME. Goals should be something that push you but not push past your physiological (or psychological) limits. If the goal isn't attainable it will quickly be swept under the run. Haven't run before? Down load a couch to 5k app. You will be shocked at what you can accomplish in three months.

RELEVANT: For me, this upcoming season will effect everything in my life. My kids are starting to see how hard you have to work to achieve your goals. That even as an adult the only way you're going to improve is practice and put in some of the hardest work you can push yourself to do. My work in my clinic is strongly driven by people wanting to be active participants in what they love to do for life. The more I push myself the more I learn about biomechanics, overuse injury, and the importance of home care. All of these things make my goals unbelievably relevant to me.

TIME: I love signing up for events early. It drives your training for longer and let's be realistic, it allows for mess-ups. Christmas is coming and I know I won't hold to 6 days a week for the two weeks my husband is home. But that won't derail my train and with enough time I can be ready for every single one of those events. Whatever your fitness goals are look for a community that feels the same way and join them or sign up for a tournament. Tennis club, golfing group, walking group, trail runners, cyclists, ultimate Frisbee team, Hockey leagues, whatever your into.

Email me to chat about setting up your goals and how I can help to support your musculoskeletal system. Your body will adapt and get stronger though your training and I can help keep you feeling up to your challange!