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Leah Karges RMT

In 2004, as a new graduate of Sutherland Chan Teaching school and Clinic, I stared practicing in Windsor. After spending my time so close to the University of Windsor, the call to return to academia pulled me back to a study of Kinesiology at the University. In my first year of study  I made the honor roll and was awarded a research grant in environmental physiology with a Canadian Research Chair Professor at Brock University. adding to the excitement was the included move back to family in Oakville.

After completing my thesis, I focused on increasing my skills as a massage therapist, particularly my fascial release techniques. I have completed several courses in NISA (Neuromuscular Integration and Structural Alignment) and SI (Structural Integration), as well as the McMaster’s medical acupuncture course. I am M2T-Blade certified and have attended several workshops and events in my field. Recently I have expanded my learning into the world of Craniosacral studies and joint mobility.

I create treatment plans for a wide range of conditions. I can help clients suffering from repeat occupational stress, those introducing new or more intense physical activity, and those living with chronic pain. That being said, my passion lies in my work with fascia, my knowledge of release techniques, and my focus on athletic injury rehabilitation and functional training to prevent further injury.

When I'm not chasing after my twins, training for triathlons takes up the majority of my time. My passion for this sport directs my research and learning now. I believe in functional training as well as functional massage therapy. We will work together to develop treatment plans that help you to achieve your personal goals whether they be sport specific or lifestyle related. 

I am a proud member of the College of Massage Therapists of Ontario.